Variety of Enamel Charms To Personalize Your Glass Necklace (3)

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ORGC13- First page of enamel Charms.

ORGC14- Second page of enamel Charms.

ORGC15-Third page of enamel Charms.

ORGC16- Fourth page of enamel charms.

ORGC17- Fifth page of enamel charms.

Be creative and use these non-silver enamel charms to personalize your glass necklace or bracelet. The approximate size of each charm: 0.3-0.4". Stylish for any event, can be used as a charm or as a pendant if you like. Choose your charm or charms and colors from drop box below. Colors and charm designs may very for each charm. The cost of each charm is .20 cent each, or $1.50 per dozen.

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